PUBG New State

Game title: PUBG New State
Game description:

Meet a new release in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG is a game in battle royale style. According to the plot, up to 100 players can participate in the fight at the same time. All of them start on a huge island with occasional houses and settlements. At first, they have no weapon at all, and it is possible to fight using fists only. But then they start finding guns and pistols in the most unexpected places around the location. Even a vehicle can be found if you explore the territory carefully. Now, all events unfold in 2051. Even if the setting has changed, the rules remain the same – you again have to fight with other players and survive in harsh conditions. You will have access to a large map, 100 players and a constantly narrowing field. The developers prepared a nice surprise – new-generation graphics. Now all fights are even more realistic, and the players can customize their weapons. You will also be able to use various drones in this part. The game has three modes, and you can start with training before you are ready to enter a real time battle. If you manage to survive, you will receive a bonus that will allow you to unlock new elements and increase your efficiency. Join New State and prove you are the strongest.