Game title: Pokedoku
Game description:

This game is a cool modification of the popular Sudoku entertainment. But a nice surprise awaits all fans of this cool game – you will interact not with numbers but with cute characters. And these are going to be Pokemon! As in the original game, you are to fill a grid. This time, it consists of nine boxes. So, every box should accommodate a correct character. But the main complexity of this puzzle is that you are allowed to make just nine guesses. You see, no mistakes are possible if you want to succeed. And another nuance is that you can use one and the same Pokemon only once. If you make a choice, you simply will not be able to cancel it! Are you ready to try?

Learn some details

You will interact not only with Pokemon types, you may need to state other things to in the third column of the grid. These can be region names, various legendaries and more. You will have a hint what kind of a personage you are to think of. This game is a daily puzzle. So if you did not manage to get it all right today, do not worry! Tomorrow you can try to deal with a new challenge! If you love to hunt pocket monsters, you will surely succeed in this new brain-teasing adventure. Besides, it is a lot of fun!