Only Up Online

Game description:

Buckle up, guys and girls, cause we’re diving headfirst into the realm of daring and delirium! Meet our fearless adventurer, Jackie, a wild-hearted kid with dreams as big as skyscrapers and a determination to reach the skies! He’s got a twinkle in his eye, a spring in his step, and a backpack full of giggles. Will you accompany him on his daring journey upwards?

Rise as high as you can!

In an ordinary sleepy town, where the clouds were made of cotton candy and the sun wore sunglasses, Jackie couldn’t but dream about all the wonders hidden in the depth of the sky. So he decided to see him with his own eyes! The goal of Only Up online is simple yet stupendous – ascend higher and higher, touching the heavens with sheer audacity.

Armed with a trusty skateboard, bouncy trampolines, and a pair of turbo-charged balloons, Jackie is about to set out on his grand voyage, fueled by his craving for high-flying hilarity. Guide the hero through all the challenges and dangers lurking in the sky to the most splendid discoveries it has in store for the brave of heart! Enjoy every moment of your celestial adventure and see if you can beat all the levels separating you from heaven in Only Up online!