Naughty Bear

Game description:

Agree that a teddy bear has always been the epitome of kindness, innocent childhood, tender feelings and cuteness. These toys are created mainly for gifts, that is, to please people and bring positivity and warmth to the masses.

However, behind the facade of fluffy cuteness lies a tale of rejection and revenge.

Our main character does not care for these stereotypes. He looks and behaves differently from the rest of the inhabitants of the island, so he is often subjected to plush bullying. His patience has run out, and it’s time to set things straight!

Our naughty hero is going to torment and punish his fellow teddies for their social slights. His cruel jokes and horrific acts of retribution are just a frightening beginning of the payback.

How can you spoil their peaceful life?

Many devilish possibilities of revenge are open to you. Use the bears’ love of honey to punish them with bees. Test the nervous system of your offenders by scaring them to death. Use both traditional and mega-creative methods of inflicting harm. By the way, each character has distinct personalities and responses, making the gameplay experience unpredictable and engaging!

So, get into the sometimes uncomfortable but ultimately satisfying role of being different!