Natural Disaster Survival 2

Game description:

Surviving through a natural disaster is highly challenging, especially if you haven’t been in a situation like this before. Don’t worry, this game will teach you what to do! You’ll find yourself on an island regularly ridden by all kinds of disasters with a bunch of other players. You’ll get a 30 second alert before another tornado or volcano eruption strikes to take the necessary steps – for instance, find a hiding or get as far from the water as you can. Things are complicated by the fact that you don’t know what exactly awaits you. You can only make guesses by the way the weather changes and there is no guarantee your prediction will be correct. Before you can tell that for sure, you need to experience hundreds of disasters and that’s only possible by playing the game multiple times! With every strike of nature’s wreath, there will be fewer and fewer people left on the island. Your goal is to hold out for as long as possible. Can you stay alive after a dozen of sand storms, acid rains or tsunamis? The game will show! The best thing about Natural Disaster is that you can always have another shot. And while terrible things are happening on the island, the atmosphere isn’t strained at all! You can go fishing, jump on a trampoline and do a lot of other entertaining stuff while on a break!