Game description:

MUZY invites you into the eerie world of a once-loved children’s toy that harbors a dark secret. This game is not your typical horror adventure; it starts with detailed incident reports linked to accidents that set the stage for a deep dive into a mystery. As a private detective, your mission is to explore the abandoned industrial complex of Maybedi, where the groundbreaking company NeuroWorld first integrated AI into children’s toys. These weren’t just any toys—they became the cherished companions of many children. Following the company’s success, it expanded its production capabilities, leading to the development of the vast Maybedi complex.

Unveiling the Secrets of MUZY

This game takes you on a gripping exploration of what was left behind in the once-bustling complex. Initially guarded and shrouded in mystery, the complex is now accessible as the guards have abandoned their posts. Your role is to sift through the remnants of the past, navigating through the silent halls and workshops that were once alive with the sounds of production. The challenge lies in piecing together what happened, using the clues scattered throughout the complex to uncover the truth behind the unsettling phenomena associated with the MUZY toys. Your findings will gradually reveal the story of NeuroWorld’s ambition, the creation of the Maybedi complex, and the fate that befell this pioneering venture into AI-integrated toys.