Shipwrecked 64

Game description:

Get ready to join Bucky and his gang in a pulse-pounding 3D platformer adventure that is Shipwrecked 64! Danger lurks, friends are in peril, and a wild ride through a crash-landed island awaits your heroic skills! Can you help the heroes get their ship back up and running so they can sail back home and escape the chaos? Let’s see!

How to Play Shipwrecked 64

Help Your Pals: Bucky’s gang is in hot water, and they’re counting on you to help them out. Their fishing trip ended up badly, and now they’re all alone and stranded on an island full of wolves! See those red eyes gleaming among the trees? That’s right, gotta hurry up!
Fix the Ship: Easier said than done! Scavenge the island for materials that can be used to set your ship sailing again. Might take longer than one day, so you’d better stock up on food, water, and wood to last it through the night!
Save the Day: Those wolves get particularly perky after dark. Get ready for them to attack! Luckily, there is enough stuff lying around to equip your crew with primitive weapons. If they fail you, run!

Still up for it? Then grab your crew mates, rally your courage, and dive right into the chaos of Shipwrecked 64! Happy rescuing, gaming heroes!