Game description:

The developers of Devotion were inspired by ancient culture of Asia when they were creating this thrilling horror title. You are offered to play for a girl, whose family is somehow connected with strange religious cult. She has lost her father, who has disappeared for no reason some time ago. After receiving a strange letter, where her dad writes that he would like to see her in an old abandoned house where they lived when she was small, Fen Yu (this is how the main character is called) decides to go there. However, she appears in the middle of the nightmare and has a lot of horrible mysteries to find out.

When Fen Yu gets to the required location, she feels very anxious because of the atmosphere out there. No wonder that she does, everything looks just like her home, but something is very different. Something that makes her nervous. What is that? She starts to uncover strange things here and there and the more layers of mystery she takes off, the scarier the story gets.