Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Game description:

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a riveting game that allows players to experience what it is like to fly an airplane as an expert pilot. If you always had a dream like that, now it can come true! Just get behind the steering wheel and prepare to take off for the first time in your life…

Incredible beauty and plausibility!

What instantly draws the eye when you first soar up over the digital land is the visual constituent of the game. It perfectly resembles the actual view from the cockpit. The landscapes below are rendered in realistic detail – so good that professional pilots can use the game to learn how to approach unfamiliar airports. Dials and controls show the data you are going to need to decide how to respond. Your task is to study this information and react to it properly.

Besides, the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator is very close to the map of earth. You can enjoy sceneries that really exist on our planet and visit different countries in the process. The developers of this great game have included a database of over 20,000 real airports around the world. Airports are designed just like in our daily life and they include all kinds of elements that you can see in real airports. The runways are fully detailed with signals, people, other aircrafts. You can really feel part of this amazing world!

Exciting missions and free exploration!

The variety of missions make the game even more fascinating. Many tasks turn out to be completely different from what they seem like at first. Delivery of goods to archaeologists in South America suddenly turns into a search for an ancient temple. The boring transport of passengers in Tokyo by helicopter unexpectedly becomes a spy chase in the spirit of James Bond films – with secret agents, Soviet militarists and secret islands. But that doesn’t mean you can’t just set out on a free flight and take a trip along your own route around the globe. Play Microsoft Flight Simulator online and enjoy the possibilities!