Kick the Buddy Online

Game description:

Sometimes, you just need something or someone to bit his head off, when you are feeling annoyed and angry. Nobody wants any of your relatives or friends to become a victim of that! And here is a perfect game for those who need to blow off some steam. It’s Kick the Buddy, an entertainment where you have your personal stuffed talking doll ready for some “pain” and an arsenal of weapons, poisons, blasting and explosive devices. Sounds like fun, isn’t it? Yes, modern small games are rarely focused on a story or anything like that, however, they are perfect time-killers and this is the main purpose and reason for their existence. Truly, the game presented on this page is one of the most popular time-killers of all times. This stuffed doll is pretty annoying and just one short gaze can drive your round the bend. So level your anger against Buddy and injure him as much as you want. This is a new era of tamagochi, my friend! No more feeding and playing, just smashing and puddling! Choose the weapon you like the most and start beating him. He will show the signs of pain and might even die, if you are being too hardcore. But that’s okay – you can start it all over again and do it eternally! You’ve so many shots and kicks for him.