No-Snake Hotel

Game description:

This new horror game will take you to a hotel to go through some thrills. What is so special about this place? They say it is no-snake guarantee! The main character has not left the house for many years due to his phobia. He is scared of snakes as he lived through a very terrible episode with serpents in his childhood. Now, he believes these dangerous creatures are everywhere and can attack him at any time. But one day, he reads about a place that promises safety to every visitor. They give you almost 100% promise you will be absolutely safe here. So it looks like a chance to finally get out and forget about all your fears! You can sleep peacefully without meeting a snake under your bed, and also you can enter the bathroom with no ugly creatures awaiting you there! What can be better than a rest without these slithering beings around. Your hero decides to give it a try and stay in this immaculate hotel for a night. The place does not look posh but it is quiet and safe. This is all your hero needs. At the same time, it looks somewhat abandoned. There is literally no one in the long corridors. Wait, what is there on the floor? It looks like a fresh pool of blood! What has happened there? And the very same moment, you will hear a terrible sound approaching from the other end of the corridor. To your greatest horror, you will see the head of a giant snake moving towards you at an insane speed. The fear of your life is here now! Will you be able to escape it and remain alive? Check it now if you are brave enough for this thrilling adventure.