Game description:

Intruder welcomes you to a seemingly serene world where the excitement of buying a new house in the countryside is tinged with a whisper of dread. This game draws you into the life of a remote worker looking for tranquility away from the urban sprawl, only to find that solitude can sometimes come with unwelcome surprises. As you begin to unpack and organize your new space, strange occurrences suggest that the peaceful facade of your new home may conceal unsettling secrets.

The Mystery of the Quiet Home

As night falls in Intruder, the quiet of the countryside is pierced by the inexplicable. Sounds that shouldn’t exist in an empty house echo through the halls, and shadows seem to move just beyond the reach of your light. Equipped with basic controls, you navigate through dimly lit rooms and corridors, your heart racing with every creak and moan of the old structure. Interaction with your surroundings becomes a double-edged sword—each item might hold the key to understanding what lurks in the shadows, or it might trigger events that you’d rather avoid.