Roblox Piggy 2

Game description:

Roblox always has numerous cool games to present. One of the most popular masterpieces available at this platform is a horror game called Piggy. Gamers say that this title is a mixture of Granny horror and famous series for kids about Peppa Pig. This game consists of several chapters and each of them will oppose you against the small monstrous creature Piggy. Also, you can take the role of Piggy and become a hunter – chase other players and kill them. If you join the team of victims you will have to do your best in order to stay alive before the time expires. You and Piggy are in the same building and she will try to get you, while you should avoid her at any cost – when you get caught by this small monster, you die. If you choose to play for Piggy, then your aim is to catch each and every survivor and deal with him/her.
There is also a story-mode that tells you more about Piggy and the other characters. In the second part of the game, you will continue playing as a detective captured in the city where strange disease is spreading around. The story goes on! Do your best to investigate the mysterious murders and find out who is that the guy behind the crimes. You will meet numerous characters that are also witnessing the global catastrophe. Some of them will become your buddies. The other will turn into monsters after drinking the strange potion. Do your best to stay alive!