Idle Breakout

Game description:

Surely you are familiar with the category of games in which you have to destroy some kind of barrier consisting of blocks by shooting at them from something. As a rule, this is a cannon loaded with cannonballs or a ball bouncing off a racket. Sometimes the weapon that fires is static, sometimes you can move it. Sometimes supplies are replenished, sometimes only a certain amount is allocated per level. And then you have to think not only about how to shoot better, but also how to spend as little ammo as possible. Idle Breakout is another one of these games that will help you have fun without having to understand complicated rules and improve your reflexes in the process!

In front of you will be a wall consisting of individual bricks. Each type of brick has its own color and is also indicated by a number. This figure indicates how many balls must be released on a given brick in order to break it. The task is to break the entire wall, then you can go to the next level. In the process, you will discover new types of balls with different properties, and your skills will get better. Start playing right now and try to complete the maximum number of levels today!