Narcos Idle Cartel

Game description:

Narcos: Idle Cartel is an exciting clicker that will immerse you into the world of making and distributing drugs. You will be helping El Patron manage a giant narco cartel that needs plenty of work. You will be running a huge traffic network that requires strict control if you hope to earn money. Do you think you can take such a responsibility? Then it’s time to start!

Your main tasks in the clicker are recruiting new drug dealers and keeping an eye on how they cope with their missions. At the start, you’ll be rather short of hands, but the game will tell you what and how to do because there is a brief instruction, so you’ll get used to everything that happens quite quickly.

The gameplay will be familiar to you if you played a lot of other clickers. The actions are performed by clicking your mouse or tapping your smartphone screen. All you’re left to do is is decide when and on whom to click. Hiring your first dealer will cost you a little money – that will be your first investment. After the work is done, you need to click on that worker once again for him to continue. Every time you’ll see a special indicator going empty and refilling – that means the dealer is ready to complete another task. Keep proceeding like that and your funds will be increasing. Very soon, you’ll be able to hire more people.

In some time, your business will expand and flourish, and your profits will rocket sky high. You will be able to upgrade the level of each dealer to make their performance better. How is it to feel one of the richest and influential people in the world? You can find out playing Narcos: Idle Cartel online!