Ice Cream 4: Rods Factory

Game description:

Ice Cream 4: Rods Factory is an addictive horror game in which you have to get to the very factory where the villain from the previous chapters prepares his treacherous ice cream. He took your friends there, and in order to save them from a sad fate, you must solve many puzzles and face various enemies helping the wicked ice cream maker!

As you remember, in the previous part, the main character found a way to lure an evil ice cream man who kidnaps children into a trap. With the help of a secret ingredient, he invented ice cream that allowed him to put on weight quickly. Of course, the maniac could not pass by such an appetizing kid, and here is our character in the factory, where all kinds of trials and dangers await him! Your friends languish in cages, waiting for their unenviable future. You must find them as quickly as possible before the worst happens to them! To do this, you have to search the entire building from top to bottom and find the very room where the killer in the white apron keeps his victims.

It won’t be so easy, because the location is simply large. There are many different floors and passages, and in order to get into all the rooms, you will have to strain your brains, because some of them are reliably protected. Will you be able to show enough ingenuity and logic to cope with all the tasks? But not only this defines the complexity of the passage. After all, the territory of the plant is guarded by the minions of your enemy – his mini-copies, which attack en masse to surely deal with the uninvited guest. You will have to try your best so that they don’t grab you!

But the most interesting thing is that in the process you can find out all the secrets of the antagonist. As you wander through the factory, you will stumble upon scraps of information that will tell you about his past and the history of the Sullivan family. Perhaps it will be of some use to you in your mission. Well, if not, then at least it will be more interesting to play! Embark on a new, even more dangerous adventure, do everything in your power to rescue the stolen children and try to avoid being turned into a piece of ice yourself!