I Want Watermelon

Game description:

Step into the vibrant world of merging games. This entertainment offers incredible excitement for players of all ages. In I Want Watermelon, you plunge into a captivating adventure and test your thinking skills. So what’s the challenge? You will interact with all sorts of fruits. These items will be falling from the top of the screen. Your task is very straightforward – you must merge identical fruits. This approach will allow you to free up more space for more fruits.

Merge until you get a watermelon!

The idea is to start with the smallest fruits and slowly progress to bigger ones. Merging is not difficult at all – it is enough to tap on the screen skillfully. You can decide on where to drop the falling item to achieve more merging operations. Keep repeating this pattern until you reach a watermelon, the biggest available object here. You should control your moves not to pile the fruits too high or you will quickly fill all space around and the game will be over for you. Think about the laws of physics and try to make combo moves – you can have several merges in a row! If you have already completed a lot of similar puzzles before, you have enough chances to succeed. So, let’s crack it now!