Granny Chapter 3

Game description:

Imagine that you woke up in a strange room. Your head hurts and you don’t remember a single thing that happened yesterday. The pale morning light seeps through the window cracking your eyes open. You get up from the bed and start looking around. As you walk across the room and try the door, you understand someone has locked you inside. Naturally, you start looking for the key. You rummage through the closets and drawers, look in a vase that stands on the table. But with a clumsy move of your hand, you brush it off to the floor and it breaks with a loud sound. Before you can realize that, the door opens and you see a silhouette of an old woman in a mask standing on the porch. You have a lot of questions to ask her, but they all disappear when you see that she is armed. She swishes her weapon and you fall unconscious again…

Ready or not, here comes Granny!

It can continue for many days. Granny loves the chase. She will give you a little head start and then she will watch you dart back and forth around her giant manor looking for a way out like a mouth trapped in a cage. And when you end up driven into a corner, she’ll make her bloody move… You need to outsmart her to stay alive and see the light of the day again! Granny won’t give you an unlimited number of attempts to run away – you only have five days. After the fifth capture, your adventure will be over and your dead body will be added to the collection of Granny’s trophies. If you don’t want to meet an end like that, you need to hurry up! So next time be more careful, move quietly, try not to make any noise and alert your opponent!

Open the door, exit the house!

Your primary goal is to unlock the front door. It has a multilevel protection system: there is a security alarm, a heavy bar and a usual lock. You have to find a way to cope with all these obstacles to make it out of here. For that, you need to discover various tools and items hidden somewhere in the house. Your exploration starts right now! Study every nook and cranny, look into every room, don’t skip a single bit of Granny’s home. But remember that she will be following you. Even if you don’t see her, that doesn’t mean she is too far away. Avoid meeting her at any cost and if you are in danger – run and hide very well! Maybe Granny won’t find you and you will be safe… for now! Get a good share of thrilling emotions, enjoy adrenaline boiling in your blood and pass all the trials to find a way out of this death chamber and leave Granny’s creepy house far behind!