Garry’s Mod Sandbox

Game description:

Garry’s Mod Sandbox mode is the digital equivalent of being given an infinite box of Legos, but with the added twist of physics and virtually no limits. As the standard mode in Garry’s Mod, it stands out for its freedom, allowing players to spawn, manipulate, and experiment with objects and characters in any way imaginable. The spawn menu is your canvas, split between props and ragdolls on one side, and tools for the Tool Gun on the other, topped with a mods and server settings menu. It’s this mode’s versatility and the sheer scope of creative freedom that have cemented its status as a fan favorite, second only to DarkRP in popularity. Sandbox mode is less about completing tasks and more about unleashing creativity, building complex machines, or setting up elaborate scenes, all within a physics-driven playground where the only limit is your imagination.