FNF VS Bunzo Bunny Mommy Long Legs

Game description:

Prepare for another riveting music adventure with the participation of the inevitable FNF protagonist, Friday Night Funkin! Just as always, you’ll have to demonstrate your impeccable sense of rhythm and musical talent hitting the notes in time with the rhythm of the song. And there will be a whole bunch of new ones for you to enjoy! The session is divided in three rounds, and you need to try and score as many points as you can in each of them. Then they will be summed up and the winner will be announced. Will it be you? Let’s find out!

This time Boyfriend is going to have a hip-hop battle with new and dangerous opponents. You are going to meet both Bunzo Bunny and Mommy Long Legs. Once the music starts playing, you need to keep a keen eye on the arrow hints flowing through the screen – they will tell you which buttons should be pressed the next moment. Make sure to move your fingers according to those clues otherwise you won’t earn too many points! It’s also important to stick with the beat without either going too fast or slowing down. Get ready for a lot of rhythmic changes and adapt to them on the fly. The complexity of the songs depends on the level of difficulty!