Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod

Game description:

FNF is a bright arcade game mixed with music. Here you have to play the role of a novice performer who dreams of winning recognition in show business in order to get the love of his chosen one. The thing is that she has a very strict father, and he is also a former musician. And so our hero decides that it is his musical talent that will help him attract the favor of a stern dad. So he gathers all his courage and starts performing on stage. This is exactly what you have to do in the new Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod!

To win the talent contest, you need to successfully complete several in-game weeks. Of course, in real time they will be much shorter. In the process, you will face different opponents who have not only an ear for music and charisma, but also their own interesting history. Some of these encounters can be really dangerous for our hero, but if you do everything right, you will emerge victorious from this struggle!

In the new mod, you will meet some of the characters that were not in previous games, including the famous gamer Coryxkenshin. He will be present in the gameplay as one of the heroes, so if you watch his video on YouTube, then you will be doubly interesting! The rules remain the same – you need to press the buttons on time, hitting the notes, and then points will be credited to your account. If you skip a lot of notes, you won’t get enough of them and you have to start over.

As in previous versions, the game will have several difficulty levels, so you can choose the one that suits your skills. New incendiary melodies await you, many of which are so good that they are suitable for your playlist! And it is a pleasure to perform them on stage under the light of spotlights. Start playing Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod now and have a great time!