FNAF Survival Crew

Game description:

Prepare for a fresh surge of thrills in the latest installment of your favorite series – FNAF Survival Crew! If you are no stranger to this epic story, you know what to expect from the encounters with eerie animatronics. And in this new release, it all will become even more thrilling – get ready for a multiplayer twist! Unlike previous solo adventures, this time you are part of a night crew, navigating a haunted building with menacing robots waiting to pounce. Do not hope you will just sit in your tiny office! You have a task – to find batteries and recharge the panels. Make sure you do it in time!

It is a real hell!

Survive the night by locating your hidden colleagues and rescuing them, all while avoiding the relentless animatronics. The catch? This time, you can become one of them! Outsmart your foes with wit and agility, ensuring you stay human and don’t fall prey to the mechanical horde. Your mission is clear: survive the night, find hidden batteries, and outmaneuver the sinister animatronics lurking in the shadows. Do you have the courage to navigate this perilous environment and escape the clutches of these nightmarish toys? Trust your instincts, avoid the traps, and good luck!