Game title: FNAF Plus
Game description:

Have you taken part in crazy adventures of animatronics in Freddy’s pizzeria? Then you will love to see your favorite characters again! This time, you are offered a remake of the FNAF first chapter. So what is it all about? This release belongs to a new author, who decided to rework all details and present the famous pizzeria and its characters in a new design. And this idea was successfully realized. FNAF Plus comes with the same plot as the original story – your character gets a position of a night guard in the popular pizzeria with animated toys. He needs to spend 5 days here. But he did not expect that such a routine job will turn into a survival nightmare. Friendly animatronics will transform into evil monsters when the place closes for the night.

And the task of the hero is to avoid meeting these opponents face to face and remain alive until morning when the enemies will again become just harmless toys. If you think that you already know all the game details, it will not work like this. The reworked version has all cameras rearranged and some minor details changes. It will make you think hard again about how to trick the opponents without being caught. Even the office has been reduced in size, making it a real challenge for the hero to lock the door in time. Will you manage to navigate safely among so many evil toys? Note you will even meet some new monsters. Intrigued? Then plunge into this thrilling game right now!