Game description:

Welcome to the dark atmosphere of the new game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, developed by Steel Wood! This project belongs to the legendary universe of horror, in which the player needs to escape from mechanical dolls that have opened a hunt for us.

This time, the main venue will be the entertainment center, where a lot of visitors come during the day. All of them are having fun and rejoicing, but as soon as the complex is closed, bloodthirsty monsters enter the arena. Until recently, they entertained guests with their performances, and now animatronics want to find and destroy everyone who broke the rules.

When the center is closed, there should be no one here, but little boy Gregory was unlucky enough to find himself on the other side of the nightmare. Try to survive when danger can await you at every turn… This is going to be just like in the previous FNAF parts, only much scarier! You are going to need all your experience of fighting the evil animatronics. But even if you play this game for the first time and haven’t played any other FNAF chapters before, it’s still going to be fun and thrilling!

You will have at your disposal an observation room equipped with a computer, on the monitor of which you can observe the alleged movement of Freddie’s friends. To always be ready for any twists and turns of fate, you need to constantly monitor the situation. To do this, switch surveillance cameras one by one in all rooms, and catch suspicious moments. In case of failure, not a huge monster will attack you, but a face with burning red eyes. Make sure that doesn’t happen to your hero!