Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

Game description:

FNF fans can rejoice. After all, the most long-awaited event happened. Or rather, the release of the 13th part of this cult game revered by millions. Besides, you must agree, given the genre of this game, the number is more than symbolic. Let’s check and make sure?

This time, all the action takes place not in an abandoned toy factory but in Megapizzaflex, the creator of which is none other than Freddy Fazber himself. You should understand he will certainly do everything possible to lure you to him. However, in this version, in order to escape and survive this night, you have a unique opportunity to enlist his support. The main thing is to gain the confidence of this animatronic. This is how you can save yourself from the fate of falling into the clutches of his minions.

In this game, you act on behalf of a boy named Gregory who finds himself in this place in an incomprehensible way. And of course, you need to get out of there safe and sound. To do this, it is worth showing your ingenuity and creativity. Therefore, use the data from surveillance cameras and see where the animatronics are and how they move. As well, be cunning and be smarter than them, distracting attention by throwing toys or all kinds of objects. While they are busy with them, move around and do your job. Only in this way, you can survive this night and be saved.

Most importantly, be careful and watch your way. Also, adapt to the situation and use your advantages. This is how you can get out of this place, attractive from the outside but scary inside. Can you handle it? Although, what are we talking about? After all, here, among other things, you will find a lot of all kinds of attractions. One of which, as strange as it may sound, is the sewage system, in which you can find a lot of interesting stuff. The main thing is to be more confident and courageous.