FNAF Security Breach

Game description:

A new part of your favorite game is released! You will again find yourself in a big pizzeria but this time, the location is modernized and enlarged – it is called Mega Pizzplex. Thanks to new technologies, an ever-increasing tension and a new level of horror await you on every step. Terrifying animatronic creatures are ready to start chasing their new victim. Users will see both old characters and new ones. You will play for a boy Gregory, who was trapped and closed in this place overnight. How to escape now? The poor boy must gain the confidence and support of Freddie Fazber himself to get away from his pursuers.

The main task is to survive till the morning and avoid robotic animatronics that are programmed to look for sneaked visitors. Unlike in previous parts, where Freddie was the main death machine, now he will be helping the main hero. Gregory should always control security cameras that will help him watch enemies as well as develop an escape route. The most terrifying thing is that you cannot defeat the monsters, and the only chance to remain alive is to hide and run. You will need to build your strategy on the go. There are many new places to hide as well as many new ways to attract the attention of aggressive guards – you can flip a paint can or toy for this. But think twice before you do it – it is better to act as carefully as possible.

You will have some weapons – Faz Cam and Fazblaster. These devices allow you to stun villains for some short time, allowing you to win several minutes and escape. Hide in secluded places to avoid danger, or run as fast as you can from the antagonists when they manage to notice you. You can do it in many different ways but be very inventive to adapt to the most dangerous situation. Get ready that you will not always be able to escape the meeting with the enemies – so be ready even to fight with powerful bosses. Note there are several endings possible, depending on your decisions and actions. So if you want to get some more adrenaline, plunge into this unpredictable horror adventure!