Duck Season 2020

Game description:

The game Duck Season has everything you want. You can be an active part of the unwrapping plot, play with interactive environment, and enjoy high-quality artwork. Everything starts in your room where a console is located. Also, you will find shelves stuffed with magazines, VHS, and books, so look around the room and feel the atmosphere! You can take them, throw around you, and even make a chaotic mess if you want to. However, you can take the cartridges and put them in a console to check the games of old good 80s and 90s. The game is full of mini-actions, including additional lines and various small entertainments. As such, you get a full-fledged hunting game with cool 3D environment, where a deal of small add-ons is waiting for you here and there. The gamers will find a lot of pleasant surprises here. The main focus is made on a hunting game, where you have to shot ducks and play with your dog. However, with time, the digital dog becomes more and more real! This is a bit terrifying, but such a twist makes everything mysterious and unusual, so you will love it for sure!

The game is drawn in a way that you can perceive it as a program on a Discovery channel. Everything looks so real, so imagine yourself having time among the trees and grasses. The only minus we can highlight is that the game is pretty short. There are 8 levels only, but you will feel that you want more of that amazing graphics and action when they are over.