Excuse Me Sir

Game description:

Horror plots are getting more and more exciting. And this time, get ready for a decent portion of thrills. What is the story about this time? You play for a character that is looking for the missing brother. But instead, you meet a heroine who is a famous content creator on TikTok. Her name is Molly Moonn. And it looks she is not interested in helping you. On the contrary, her plans are rather weird. It seems you are in a trap! Will you manage to complete the game safe and sound?

What’s your ending?

This point-and-click adventure has several possible endings. It is quite difficult to predict how everything will end up for you and whether your outcome is going to be positive. It all depends on your choices – and your walkthrough actually consists of continuous decisions you need to make. But note that many endings are fatal for the player – you will have a weird chance to experience various methods of dying. But still, there is always a hope to outwit the opponent and survive. Do you belong to this tiny portion of players that are smart enough to predict all dangers and overcome all obstacles? It is time to accept the challenge and showcase your skills! Best of luck in this unconventional adventure!