Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Game description:

Who doesn’t know SpongeBob the Square Pants? Or how hasn’t heard about the brave Ninja Turtles fighting evil in the city while the world has no idea that they even exist? And of course many of us will instantly recognize the hysterical voice of Invader Zim nursing another plan of conquering Earth and being assisted by his crazy robot that has a habit of randomly going berserk. All of these heroes you have known since you were a little kid or a teen are now available in Nickeloden All Star Brawl and you can stage spectacular fights with their participation on a variety of signature arenas!

The whole process is very simple and you won’t have difficulty navigating around the menu or learning how to handle the controls. Everything happens intuitively, you just need a few times of practice and you’re good to go. To start a battle, you simply have to chose your favorite character from Nickelodeon cartoons and enter an epic combat in which you need to show amazing dexterity and tactical skills to win! There are plenty of heroes to select from and all of them will be familiar to you since they don’t only look, but also behave just like in the cartoons. All of the characters are equally strong, there are no week and super powerful ones, they all have their own perks and weak spots, all you’re left to do is to figure them out.

This is going to be a true incredible adventure for every Nickelodeon fan that will definitely keep you stuck at your computer for hours! You can battle with other players both locally and online, but you can be sure that you will never be out of opponents, cause this game is very popular and there are always enough people willing to participate in another gripping fight. You can even try the four-player mode by inviting your friends over a local network! There are 20 thematic levels for you to pass including locations that you saw on the TV screen as a kid and will probably recognize once you catch a glimpse of them in the game. So if you’re longing for some action and want to have fun tonight, you know what to do – launch Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and plunge into the battle together with your favorite characters!