Ballet of Steel

Game description:

In the ruins of a once vibrant city, a ballet dancer endowed with extraordinary reflexes battles mechanical adversaries. Her uncanny ability to perceive incoming bullets and redirect them provides a dynamic twist to combat. As she navigates through the desolate cityscape, her quest for answers unfolds within the remnants of civilization, suggesting a deeper narrative at play. The environment is rich with storytelling, pieced together through visuals and player interactions, which hint at the city’s past prosperity and its catastrophic downfall.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

This game is an intriguing prototype that blends the intensity of bullet hell shooters with the strategic depth of turn-based roguelikes. Developed for the Bullet Hell Game Jam 5, it showcases the potential for a unique fusion of genres. The gameplay challenges players to strategically move and use their special abilities, such as throwing knives, to manipulate enemy projectiles and clear levels. As a prototype, it serves as a foundational experiment, setting the stage for further development into a comprehensive game that promises to evolve these mechanics and narrative elements.