Bad Guys at School

Game description:

In Bad Guys at School, players step into the shoes of either a student or a teacher, each with a unique role in navigating or quelling the chaos that ensues within a high school setting. For players choosing the role of students, the objective is to become the leader of the school’s notorious bad guys gang by completing various missions that disrupt the daily operations of the school. These missions range from pranks and vandalism to more complex schemes that involve outsmarting teachers and other students. As a teacher, the player’s goal shifts to maintaining order, catching misbehaving students in the act, and ensuring that school rules are upheld.

Strategic Gameplay and Dynamic Interaction

The gameplay in Bad Guys at School allows for a high degree of interaction with the environment. As a student, players can use objects found around the school to execute their plans, from using skateboards and fire extinguishers to more mischievous tools like stink bombs and graffiti cans. Teachers, on the other hand, have access to different resources such as detention slips and the authority to enforce discipline. The game’s physics engine adds a layer of unpredictability to the interactions, where the outcomes can vary dramatically based on the player’s approach and timing.