Number Lore

Game description:

Are you ready to challenge your own brain? Then Number Lore is a perfect solution for it! In this cool entertainment, you will interact with numbers. This game also contains painting activities, making it suitable for the youngest players. This adventurous story offers kids to learn to count in a very captivating way. All your characters are figures. And each of them comes with its own personality.

Enjoy a lot of cool episodes!

You will enjoy a bunch of fabulous mini-games, where numbers always have the roles of protagonists. Players will receive simple yet engaging tasks to form new numbers by manipulating with them. All these stories are very bright and look like cartoons. Even if a player knows nothing about math and counting, the walkthrough will change it all. By way of playing, they will learn to add and subtract simple numbers. Some kids even do not know how these mathematical symbols look like, so the game will acquaint them with math in a very immersive way. So start this cool adventure – meet the first personage that looks like a real king – it is number one! Learn how to write it and move on to the next character. Step by step, you will learn them all without even noticing it!