Game description:

Three in a row is a genre of online games where nothing really changes. We put colorful blocks, balls or other items together to make them disappear and clear the entire screen. Even in a diversity of settings a human mind can come up with, it can eventually get boring. But not if we add an element of zoo simulator! Now sorting out chips by color has a whole new meaning – you don’t only pull your finger mechanically over the screen to pass another level, you accomplish interesting missions, some from the visitors of your zoo. And the money you get can be spent on upgrading it with new buildings and bright decorations to make your park even more attractive and cozy! Aren’t you eager to begin?

The gameplay itself is designed as a series of wildlife-themed levels where you can do your favorite thing – match three identical fruit chips in a row and gain explosive busters to multiply your points. You can get help from the animals living in your zoo. Make friends with them if you want their assistance. Aside from your four-legged charges, you’ll also communicate with other people working at the zoo or coming for a visit. They too can have suggestions how to make your park better or problems they want to solve. If you listen out to them and lend a helping hand, you’ll get valuable rewards for completing these tasks. The guests are very talkative and charming, they are going to tell you funny stories and make the game even more interesting!

There is a wide range of things you can do to improve your zoo. Moving from level to level and dealing with the toughest three-in-a-row challenges, you can unlock unique biomes for rare animals – a piece of jungle for tropical birds, an iceberg for penguins and polar bears, and so on. Collect families of beasts and turn your park into a special place where visitors can see animals from all parts of the world. You can also add fountains, gazebos, ice-cream stalls, cafes – everything to create even more beauty. Combine different elements into a unique design that will make your zoo stand out among the rest. Wildscapes is an addictive, absorbing and pleasurable game that will occupy you for hours. Play it online and build the zoo of your dream!