Warcraft 3 Reforged

Game description:

Elves, magicians, and mighty warriors are at your command – this is the largest and most intense strategy game of all times, Warcraft! And here is a new version of the title you will surely like. This one is an advanced and improved third title as well as its additional story – The Frozen throne. While the gameplay and objectives stay the same, the project can boast of numerous improvements. The process goes the way you already know it. In the competitive version, you should create a strong base, gaining resources, and training your warriors for a massive fight. Different types of war units are necessary if you want to win. You should plan your tactics and balance your powers having some for defense and the others – for attack.
The game in front of you is a real masterpiece when it comes to graphics. It uses HD quality, so you will see the picture as if you were watching a movie – realistic and detailed to the maximum. Also, the title has a new soundtrack and voices recorded for this special case. The project also has a better web-support, so playing a multiplayer campaign is now more comfortable and smooth. The game is amazing in many ways and all fans of the franchise will surely find it interesting. Finally, you have a chance to play it right here for free.