Undertale Yellow

Game description:

In a distant era, the confines of Mount Ebott harbored an enigmatic enchainment. A spell of unparalleled potency entrapped creatures of the netherworld, imprisoned by the essence of seven human souls. The King of the Monsters, though pacifist, mandated dire fates for any soul ensnared within the Dungeon’s clutches.

What awaits our hero?

Across Mount Ebott, a haunting vanishing of children sparked a courageous quest within Clover, an intrepid seeker driven to unveil the truth and halt the enigmatic abductions. Ensnared by the mountain’s chasms, Clover’s descent entwined fate with the gilded blossoms. Encountering the guardian of the Ruins, Toriel, solace intertwined with the lingering shadows. Yet, amidst this sanctuary, veiled machinations conspired, entangling the protagonist within the labyrinthine depths! Guide the character and be courageous!

Undertale Yellow, a testament to inventive storytelling within the Undertale universe, beckons players into a prelude obscured by mystery and rife with the essence of newfound lore. Clover’s journey, an intertwining of courage and shadows, navigates a tapestry of enigmatic disappearances, threading a storyline woven with profound discoveries and unforeseen perils.