TABS 2019

Game title: TABS 2019
Game description:

TABS 2019 – Totally Accurate Battle – is a new way to approach mass online battles. Here, you won’t fight with anyone at all. Instead, you will have to create an army of different soldiers and see them fighting with the opponent’s troops. Be very attentive when arranging your team and finding the spots for particular warriors on the battlefield. This is the only point, where you will influence the struggle. The process won’t be controlled by you anyhow. Just relax on your chair and observe a crazy battle. Rotate and move the camera to see everything.

Each stage of the process will bring you more complicated missions. The army you create will become better with time, because money earned from the previous battles will allow you to recruit more people. However, your enemies won’t stay on their previous levels as well. They will increase their strength and become more furious as well. So this doesn’t mean that you will become a champion easily. Struggle, create, and move to the final stage!