Stump Me

Game description:

The perfect brain test that will not only help you estimate your puzzle-solving skills but also boost your creativity is Stump Me! The horizons of your thinking can be expanded to the infinity and playing this title, you will reassure that this is true! Welcome to one of the most popular puzzle collections ever existed, the one beloved by thousands of fans from all corners of the world. You have a chance to immerse yourself into the world of puzzles that are not so easy to crack. They sound pretty easily – you just have to do a number of simple actions and resolve a concrete situtaions proposed to you by the game. However, everything only seems to be simple, while things are trickier in the reality. Be ready that every puzzle that seems obvious and simple enough to solve it with one move is more difficult that it seems.
The game is famous for being funny and what is more – it requires you to search for better solutions in the process. You won’t pass this or that task with a simple solution that comes to your mind after a second. You will have to think more and invent the answer that is less obvious and entails better problem-processing. As such, choosing the best and most creative option, you will observe a problem from different angles and make yourself think more carefully. While being pretty uneasy, this is exactly what makes Stump Me that great and extremely popular among the gamers from all over the globe. Enjoy now!