Brain Out Puzzle Game

Game description:

The trickiest and funniest puzzle title where you have to prove that you really are smart and capable of dealing with various tasks if you want to save yourself from being blown up! Show that your IQ is high enough and your brain won’t fly into the air after you make a mistake when solving a puzzle! The riddles are waiting for you and they are endless. We bet that most of them are not that easy to crack even if you are an experienced puzzle-solver, so be ready for a serious challenge and prepare your brain muscles for a serious work. Be ready that this game has a series of pretty strange tasks – don’t you choose the most obvious answers and always be creative. The right choices are never ordinary and the game will trick for you a hundred of times!
Forget about your “habitual” and “normal” ways of thinking! The Brain Out game will make you follow other paths of your mind and you are expected to show the best you have. Be ready that there are so many interesting and complicated things that will surely blow your mind, so grab your device and start playing this cool title right now – a free online version is available at out platform for everyone! Get in and have fun! Don’t forget to check all parts and versions of this cool title – we have a number of them uploaded right here for you! Have fun and try to keep your brain safe!