Shailushai Island

Game description:

Experience a fascinating narrative of friendship, loss, and vengeance in the enigmatic world of Shailushai. Start this emotional journey woven with mystery and determination, inviting you to discover the story behind our tiny hero’s quest for justice!


In the heart of an ancient forest lived Wise Oak and the cheerful smurf named Shailushai. Their bond thrived until the arrival of an intruding player who shattered their peaceful sanctuary. Wise Oak was mercilessly taken down, and the sacred mushroom he guarded was stolen, leaving Shailushai fueled by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. As time passed, our hero grew in size and determination, driven by the sole purpose of avenging his fallen friend. The pursuit led him to the human village, where he believed the player would appear. And thus, your adventure in Shailushai Island begins.

Equip yourself with a trusty flashlight, toggling between low and high beams. Follow the designated path that unfolds your tasks or try an unguided exploration of this wondrous dimension. Collect the vibrant flowers that mark your journey, guiding you through this fantastical world.

You will be amused by the funny phrases of the characters you meet, their voice and their appearance, which could theoretically become the basis for new memes!