Game description:

There are many online games that can entertain you and provide with an opportunity to communicate with others, however, the best one is! Start playing with people from all over the world and join an amazing guessing-and-drawing entertainment. There is a chat room for players where one of them has to draw a word and the others are about to guess which word is that as fast as they can. The faster you guess, the better – this increases your chances to become a winner. If you play as a drawer, you get three word options to choose from. Pick the one that seems interesting and easy enough and start drawing. Remember that you have 80 seconds to depict it, so don’t try to be too detailed or to draw something beautiful. Be as clear as you can and use various colors to make the picture better and more precise. If you have low drawing skills and no experience with digital painting, it’s okay. You will get used to a drawing app very fast because it is as simple as Paint. There is no need to show off and try to create a masterpiece, it is much better to be simple. Don’t waste your time trying to use irrelevant instruments and never write anything on your pictures. Writing is not allowed at Scribbl. This is the game about images rather than about letters. There are also some hints that appear during the game to help players guess the word faster. However, chances are that you won’t need them – when the pictures are nice, nobody actually looks at the hint-panel.
When you begin playing the game, you join the chat room with real people from all corners of the globe. You are welcome to talk to them and share anything you may want. Also, you have a friends-only option here. There is an opportunity to create your personal chat-room and call your friends to join the game. This way, you will be able to draw and guess together with your mates. To do so, you just have to choose the option of a private chat in the menu and then send your buddies the link. With the help of that link, they will enter the private room. There are two main rules at Scribbl: you should be nice and polite to other players and take an active part in the guessing process. Once you curse somebody, the game has the right to disqualify you. The same happens if you don’t write anything in a chat. When you draw nice and understandable pictures, people can easily guess them. What is more, there is an additional reason to draw better and clearer. Users will reward the best images with likes, so you should do your best and get all the thumbs-ups you can!