Prehistoric Kingdom

Game description:

If you are tired of traditional races and quests, Prehistoric Kingdom is something you might really like. It is a simulator but with a very unusual plot. You will become an owner of your own zoo! And you can inhabit it with prehistoric animals! But you will have to create everything to scratch. You will start with developing infrastructure, and then you need to take care of the well-being of visitors and employees, and create ideal conditions for the inhabitants of your zoo. The main attraction of your wildlife park is its characters. At first, you will have access to 23 different species, but their selection will grow as you proceed through the gameplay. But you will have to look after your animals if you want them to look happy and look nice. The park will become their main sanctuary so need to arrange really healthy housing conditions for them.

For this, you will have to grow the jungle, launch rivers, build mountains and build various buildings. All animals come with really weird names, and the players will have an ideal chance to enhance their knowledge about the previous epochs. Also, you must become an excellent manager – you should attract a continuous flow of visitors to your exotic zoo to get enough costs for its maintenance. You will also be able to create new animal species by using their DNA. This project is a real finding for both children and adults who are fond of nature and animals. There are no restrictions here – you can implement you most unexpected ideas and grow the biggest dinosaurs ever seen! Make sure your zoo becomes the most popular on the planet! All your hard work will be rewarded with a decent profit and the ability to expand!