Game description:

ARBS (Animal Revolt Battle Simulator) is a riveting fighting game where the warriors are various animals both existing in nature (or at least those that used to exist, even though millions of years ago) and created by human imagination. It’s the only game where you can enjoy a clash of a fire-breathing dragon and Godzilla with his huge destructive force. You will be able to stage a glorious battle between just about any animals imaginable in the sandbox mode or try to pass the campaign against humans trying to regain control of the world in the story mode.

The main feature of ARBS is its realism. All the characters are designed and animated in a very lifelike way. They move with stunning plausibility and the game is based on realistic physics. That means that the bodies react to everything that happens just like they would in real life. It’s nothing like those fighting games where the warriors can bounce from hard surface without any damage or send their opponents flying sky-high with one single blow. Here you need to calculate the precise angel and strength of your attacks if you want to achieve the desired effect.

All characters come with their unique peculiarities. Some of them are better as attacks, others specialize in defense. Some are strong, others prevail in agility or speed. Some are effective in close-range combat, others have means to attack their enemies from afar. You should consider these nuances to come up with the best tactical scenario of the upcoming fight. Of course, you can’t predict everything, but you can at least maximize your chances of victory and minimize the damage your fighters will receive. Start playing ARBS right now, explore the amazing possibilities and subtleties of this great game and have fun!