Pokemon Grid

Game description:

Your favorite Sudoku game has been modified into colorful entertainment devoted to Pokemon! Do not worry – it is still the same grid you need to fill. But now, these are not numbers that you are to guess. These are adorable pocket monster characters! As before, you will need to fill 3×3 grid ensuring one and the same Pokemon is not used twice. And what makes this task really challenging is the number of guesses. You can make only nine attempts. If you fail to fill the grid correctly, you lose the game. The thing is that you are allowed to solve just one puzzle a day. Alternatively, you may opt for an unlimited version to play non-stop.

Are you smart enough?

The game will test not only your logical skills but also your knowledge of Pokemon personages. If you participated in these insane hunting adventures before, you surely know their names and types. Do not worry if you do not recollect them all – the game will give you some hints. Think well before making a move, as you will not be able to cancel it. Overall, this puzzle arrangement makes the whole activity much more enjoyable. Moreover, it is a perfect daily dose of exercise for your brain. Do not miss a chance to play it!