Pokedoku Unlimited

Game description:

Pokedoku Unlimited represents a training version of the beloved Pokedoku entertainment. In this modification, players will freely interact with an extensive collection of their favorite characters. You will again need to arrange them in a grid, without repeating anyone twice. This is an ongoing challenge that will be adored by Pokemon hunters and puzzle lovers. The good news is that unlimited version comes with no restriction – your attempts are not limited. This allows you to explore and relish countless combinations, each featuring a delightful assortment of characters. Thus, you can play as much as you wish and refine your skills without any limitations. The game also provides an assortment of grids with different difficulty levels. Both novices and seasoned players find the acceptable option.

Hone your skills!

This is an excellent opportunity to put your knowledge of Sudoku and Pokémon to the test while immersing yourself further in the world of pocket monsters. The entertainment will be ideal for individuals who have the experience of Pokemon hunting and love logical tasks. With a series of captivating challenges, the game offers unbelievable amusement and intellectual stimulation. Plunge into this cool adventure filled with enjoyable and intricate puzzles.