Pizza Tower The Noise Update

Game description:

The Noise Update for Pizza Tower introduces a new gameplay mode that acts as a New Game+, enabling players to revisit the game’s stages through the perspective of The Noise, a yellow gremlin character. This version of the game introduces additional elements and variations to the original gameplay.

About Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a fast-paced platformer game characterized by its vibrant graphics, engaging levels, and unique pizza-related enemies. The objective involves navigating through various levels, collecting toppings, defeating bosses, and preventing the tower’s destruction. The game is noted for its challenging gameplay and humorous tone.

Details of The Noise Update

This update shifts the focus to The Noise, offering a new narrative and gameplay challenges. It provides an alternative experience to the original game, adding variety and replay value.

Players with mods or alterations to the game files may experience crashes post-update. The recommended solution is to delete all game files in the installation folder and use the game’s properties menu to verify and repair files, ensuring a stable and updated gameplay experience with The Noise Update.