Game description:

We all heard about horrible man-eating sharks roaming the ocean in search of fresh blood. Now we have a chance to become one of them! This amazing simulator of underwater life will put you in the role of a small shark who will gradually grow into a terrifying sea monster under your close guidance. It’s not just about swimming and eating to get bigger, it’s a full-fledged RPG: you will be completing tasks, gaining experience, earning new levels and moving on to the next stage of evolution until you reach the top of the food chain. And all that while exploring spectacular, realistically designed marine locations!

The large open world is divided into regions that are free to travel through from the very beginning. Keep your eyes (and teeth!) sharp not to miss any of the caves for quick teleportation and revival in case of death. While you are still little and weak, it’s advisable not to swim too far otherwise you can run into strong opponents who will swallow you with a single move of their jaws. In each area there are several basic missions and a bunch of additional ones. After completing the first ones, you’ll see another story video and get carried further by the stream of events (pun intended). Yes, there is actually a story here that starts with a whaler killing your mother and you being thrown to the shore. That’s how your life as a shark started and that’s why it has been so tough! Perhaps you’ll meet that whaler again and get a chance for revenge? Play Maneater online and find out!