Life by You

Game description:

Life by You revolutionizes the life-simulation genre by offering an unparalleled level of control and creativity. This game empowers players to design and manage every aspect of their characters’ lives—from their personalities to their daily interactions—and to construct the towns they live in from the ground up. With comprehensive Creator Tools at their disposal, players can manipulate the game environment in real-time, building homes, setting up businesses, and reshaping entire neighborhoods to fit their vision. Every element, including the characters’ interactions, is customizable, making each player’s world uniquely their own.

Harness Full Creative Freedom with Advanced Modding Capabilities

Set in a seamless open world, Life by You eliminates traditional gaming barriers such as loading screens, allowing for fluid movement and exploration. The game introduces advanced modding capabilities that enable players to create and integrate new content, extending the gameplay indefinitely. Whether you’re driving to the countryside, engaging in real-language conversations that reflect your character’s unique circumstances, or crafting complex personal narratives, the game supports and evolves with your imagination. The ability to directly control characters in third-person mode or dictate their actions through drag-and-drop functionality enhances this immersive experience, giving players the agency to live through their creations or orchestrate their lives from a god-like perspective.