Kill It With Fire

Game description:

You just moved into a new house. You like it a lot, it’s spacious and well-furnished. You could only dream of living in a place like this. But there is one problem – it’s full of spiders. Before you can feel at home here, you need to figure out a way to deal with them. Sure, they don’t eat your products and don’t leave any mess – except for cobwebs hanging in every corner. But they are still creepy and disgusting, and you can’t wait to get rid of them. How are you going to do it?

Kill It With Fire offers a wide arsenal you can use for that purpose. Walk around the house, check out every room, look into every drawer and cabinet. You’ll find plenty of handy stuff that can be applied as a weapon against your hideous roommates if used correctly. There are various objects you can smash them with, anti-spider sprays, but most importantly – fire! A spider can run away from a slipper you’re aiming at it, but it won’t stand a chance against open flame. See for yourself!

You can continue like this for quite a long time. The number of spiders is huge, it will take a while before you find each one of them. Luckily, you have a special tool for that – an arachnoid detector. It will show the nearest spider on the map and you’ll be able to track it even if it’s hiding in a place you would have never noticed it on your own. Each level will be more challenging, but also more exciting than the previous. Set off on a fascinating spider hunt and get points for every dead spider body!