One Night at Flumpty’s 2

Game description:

In this parody of FNaF, the cartoonish design and horror style of the game are perfectly combined. The game is very bright, dynamic, and funny. And its characters are even brighter and certainly will not make you bored. The whole process of the game keeps always you on your toes.

Have you already looked over the “cute” faces of your potential opponents in the game? Well, forget about their funny look because when they overtake you, you will not smile, rejoice, and squeal with happiness, you will scream with fear! Among the antagonists of the game are:
Flumpty comes through the left door. This egg is the main antagonist and the face of the game, it moves through the chambers: 1, 4, 2A, 2B in a completely chaotic way and does not have a specific sequence. Its main goal is to overtake the player and scare him as best as possible, so to speak. Protect yourself from him in the usual way, when you find him in the passage to the left, just close the door and wait for the moment when he leaves the approach to the door.

Golden Freddy appears in the office. Golden Flumpty is the most unpredictable antagonist of the game. By his name, you can probably guess that he performs exactly the same actions as Golden Freddy in the original FNAF series. The way of dealing with him is absolutely the same as with Golden Freddy: you must raise and lower the tablet. During the screamer, ink flows from his eyes, or the shell simply breaks.

Birthday Boy Blam comes through the right door.
Beaver – comes through the right door.
Red Man comes through the left door.
Clown Grunkfuss appears in the office.

So, you should be very attentive and look around. Track monsters with cameras and be alert.