Incredibox v9 Wekiddy

Game description:

We bet you will not have more fun in any other online gaming project. Incredibox v9 Wekiddy is a musical simulator where you can create your own track. You ever know what you are capable of until you try. This time you will test your skills in the role of a composer. Do not be afraid of giving it a try even if you have never done anything like this before!

Experiment and record your music!

You are the boss in this cool game. The developers only offer you a whole range of different sounds. Your task is to make your character sing them out loud. It is Wekiddy, a strange personage that will produce everything you ask him. So press on the sound you like and the hero will be displayed in a relevant skin and sing a different tune. Combine these sounds in the most harmonious way to get a super charming track. You will adore this engaging activity!